Benefits Of Purchasing A Splat Midnight Hair Dye

With the holiday season in full swing, companies are pushing out their limited edition products to help increase sales.

However, experimenting with hair color can be dangerous, considering you are using chemicals to alter the natural pigment of your hair. However, one company is offering a safer alternative to dyeing your hair for Thanksgiving or winter festivities.

Splat Midnight Hair Dye addresses the safety concerns of standard dark hair dyes by providing its users with vibrant colors that last longer than most other brands on the market. You do not need any special equipment to apply this product; you only need to use gloves, mix two parts inside a bowl and apply it directly onto your roots.

The following list provides benefits of using Splat hair dye this holiday season.

#They are affordable. The kit only costs $14.99 at major retailers such as Walmart and Target, making it extremely affordable for people who want to try out a new color but do not want to make a large financial commitment.

#It has no harsh chemicals, nor does it contain PPD (paraphenylenediamine), the chemical found in most dark hair dyes that can cause skin irritation and allergies.

#You can choose from 16 colors that range from black, blue, purple, and even pink to paint your hair with many designs and patterns. There truly is something for everyone within their spectrum of colors available at local retailers.

#It lasts longer than most standard dark hair dyes, which only last for about two weeks to a month when applied correctly. Splat guarantees that their products will keep your dyed hair color even after washing it around 10 times, making sure your colored locks stand out in a crowd.

#They release limited edition colors, so if you do not catch them while they are available at major retailers, you may have missed the chance to purchase that particular shade.


To dye or not to dye? The benefits of using Splat hair dye this holiday season outweigh the potential risks when you consider the alternatives. Splat is a safer alternative that can give your dark locks a new burst of color in minutes without creating any harsh chemicals that could irritate your skin and cause allergies.