Features That Makes Maybelline Blush Hot Gel Cream Blush Great

Maybelline Blush Hot Gel Cream Blush may be the latest product in Maybelline’s line of blushes; however, it is also one of their best products.

What makes this blush stand out from the rest? Here are features that make up a great product:

1. It has a gel-cream consistency

This consistency helps give a natural finish without requiring too much blending. This is very easy to blend because its texture is very soft and smooth, which many people love, thus allowing for quick application! Though it doesn’t cover up-all blemishes or discolorations, it’s the best option for those who want a natural look.

2. It has superb pigmentation and color pay off

The intensity of its colors is perfect, not too bright and not dull either, just enough to give your cheeks that rosy pink. And since it is very pigmented, only a tiny amount is required to see results.

3. It doesn’t dry up easily

This blush has excellent staying power even without using a primer or base. Also, this blush does not dry up easily even if you leave it exposed in an area with low humidity or simply open the lid now and then.

4. It is available in different colors

This blush is available in four shades: Coral Shimmer, Pink Punch, Berry Boost, and Peachy Keen. This makes it easier for everyone to find their ideal shade of pink cheeks. This product is amazing because they have incorporated different colors that would suit all complexions and preferences of women out there regardless of whether you’re fair-skinned or dark-skinned; cool-toned or warm-toned; young or old; and whatnot.

5. It’s very affordable

You get to save more money on this blush because it is readily available in different drugstores; you don’t need to pay expensive fees just to buy it online (unless you’re buying in bulk). The moderate price of this product makes it perfect for those on a tight budget but who want quality products.

Maybelline Blush Hot Gel Cream Blush promises features that make up an amazing product. And indeed, they’ve lived up to their word. Each feature works together with the others in creating an amazing product.