21st Century Keyboards

Since the personal computer or PC was invented, the keyboard has been one of the essential components to properly use the computer generally the keyboard is used to type in words, and numbers. Keyboards are made with plastic materials that can be pressed thousands of times and they usually have one second response time. But when the gaming industry has used the PC as one of its platforms the usual keyboard has transformed from the usual office type to a gaming keyboard capable of having a mili second response time perfect for gaming. Since gaming keyboards have a uniquely distinct sound when being pressed called tactile or better called mechanical vibes making the gamer hear a click sound that is entertaining to hear.

The keyboard nowadays also have backlight illumination and RGB lighting making them unique peripherals when buying or building a PC They also come in unique sizes perfect for those who have small space and they can now be even connected to a smartphone, and tablet, since some keyboards are now wireless and even foldable small enough that it can be carried anywhere unlike the old days where keyboards are longer and bulkier to carry. Keyboards have come a long way they become a more versatile tool in using a computer. But perhaps the greatest innovation when it comes to the keyboard is that it can now be used as a virtual keyboard wherein it can now be projected and be used as a normal keyboard.

Overall the keyboard is an essential and compact tool used for both a computer, smartphone, and even a tablet enough for use in an office, content creation, and gaming. They are now more durable and can withstand the heavy pressure of pressing and the travel keys are much faster than the traditional keyboards.