Pros And Cons Elf Lip Scrub

We all know that dry and brittle lips are not pleasant to see, it is even somewhat unpleasant, since its texture is horrendous.

Many women choose to look for products to be able to maintain perfect, juicy, and soft lips. What others do not know, that to achieve it, you must exfoliate your lips, and that is where we bring out this miraculous product, yes, we are talking about the elf Lip scrub

Before starting there are certain things that we must clarify, that this type of product must be used properly to avoid damage to the lips, it comes in different flavors, according to your tastes and preferences.

That is why I want to leave you some, pros, meds, cons of the use of this wonderful product, so read on and make the decision if you will start using it for the health and proper care of your lips:


The lipstick-shaped format makes the experience more comfortable, easy to use, and much faster.

Its flavors are pleasant, especially the Brown Sugar.

It is a very efficient scrub, especially to remove all dead skin, and leaves your lips very soft from the first use.

It is an amazing product, it is the favorite of many women

Its price is reasonable.

2 Meds

It is something simple to get in stores, it all depends on the flavor you are looking for and the availability of the store of your choice.

Although its packaging is black, it gets dirty easily, but you can also clean it easily and quickly.

It lasts an adequate time, but if you have very dry lips it will not last long


It makes a cumulus to both the scrub and the balm

If you do not realize it, the product has a balm in its lower part

The balm usually leaves a sticky feeling after using