Why You Should Buy An Office , Drawer Push Desk

Need to work, but don’t want to sit at home? Free your body and let it do its job while you just think.

The office, drawer push desk is designed for people who need to be mentally active all day long without getting too tired physically. It might suit someone working in an office or studying at school, where work implies sitting most of the time and not moving. It doesn’t matter if it’s a desk, table, or some other surface – as long as you can attach the leg of the drawer push desk to its corner, your body will do all work for you.

It is an object that facilitates the movement of hands and legs, so you won’t stand still on one spot. Once you put it on a table, just activate Desk Push Office by pushing with your leg – it will start moving of its own accord. To stop the movement, just let go of the leg.

It is made up of three elements that are connected to each other: the seat, drawer, and body holder. The seat consists of two parts:

– front panel with two handles (used for control Desk Push Office);

– seat cushion with four locks that are used to attach drawer. The drawer is the place where legs are stored when they are not in use, so you can concentrate on working with your hands. The most important thing here is that the seat is covered with a fabric of any kind.

The body holder is a part that keeps your legs from moving but allows them to perform the pendulum move from side to side and up and down.

The seat and drawer are connected so you can change their position according to your convenience: front or back. So, if you feel tired of one work position, you can easily change it. The drawer has two positions: front and back. The seat can be attached to both of them, so you can stand up or sit down whenever you want.

Legs are stored in the drawer beneath the seat cushion when they are not needed, but always within your reach if necessary. The drawer push desk comes with four legs that are made of hollow, light but durable aluminum. They are detachable and adjustable in length.

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