Different Types Of Toddler Bed With Tent

Do you have a toddler who is becoming more independent? Is their crib no longer working for them, they are climbing out of it? Do they drop their phones in the toilet, want to make friends with the dog, or just refuse to stay there at night? Well, then you need a Toddler bed. A bed that will work for your toddler.

What is a toddler bed? A toddler bed, also known as a big kid’s bed, has sides that are low enough for your child to climb in and out of easily so they do not get stuck half in the bed half out. Some have covered rails on all sides others have just one or two. This will keep your child safe, keep your phone out of the toilet, and give you peace of mind at night. Toddler beds with tents come in many different styles including;

1. Princess castle

This bed normally has four sides all covered by a canopy. There is also either a slide or steps to get up to the bed for extra fun. You have your choice of being the princess, prince, or knight in this bed.

2. Racecar

A race car toddler bed usually looks just like an actual race car with doors and wheels. This bed is normally decorated to look like either a red or blue car.

3. Pirate ship

A pirate ship toddler bed comes complete with cannons and sometimes even a crow’s nest. The best part about this bed is the slide that looks like an actual plank leading up to the deck of the ship.

4. Train

A train toddler bed looks like any old train you would see on the tracks. This bed comes complete with windows and sometimes even a conductor’s seat. If your child is more of an airplane person they also make those styles as well.

5. Sports themed

These sports-themed beds are great for boys or girls who love their specific sport. They are made to look like either a baseball diamond, football field, soccer pitch, etc.

6. Princess Castle Truck

This truck looks just like the real thing only smaller for your toddler to drive around in their room or on the floor of your living room. This takes away some of that energy they have so you can get a break.

7. Dollhouse

This bed comes with a rear door that locks and has three or four rooms for your child’s dolls to sleep in or play in. You can also find one that comes with furniture to go into the dollhouse as well. This will keep your child occupied for hours if you let them use it right