Why You Should Absolutely Own Burberry Brit Cologne For Men

If you owned at least a couple of designer fragrances or entered a fragrance shop, odds are you are familiar with the Burberry brand. While they are mostly known for their clothing, their fragrances are not to be Wisconsin dered. Burberry Brit Cologne for Men is one of the few fragrances that you should own.

The first reason why you should own Burberry Brit is that it is a people pleaser. It has a combination of middle and base notes that are masculine but without being too intense. There are no notes that can be considered too intense or overpowering. At the same time, it is a fragrance that is suitable for all occasions. It can be worn for a special occasion, at the office, or while out for a few drinks. The top notes can be a bit misleading. If you do not like the heavy citrus notes that you get the moment you spray it on, give it some time. As the fragrance settles down, the citrus notes fade. It becomes more masculine with its base notes that combine cedar with gray musk, patchouli, and tonka bean. The base notes are complemented by nutmeg and spices as middle notes.

As pleasant and appealing as the fragrance may be, it does have one single negative aspect. The fragrance has modest silage. It also lasts just below average. However, it performs better than most other fragrances. The scent tens to fade faster in warm weather. It also smells overly sweet during the summer due to the tonka bean used as a base note. The scent becomes much milder during the autumn or the winter. At low temperatures, the fragrances become alluring, pleasant, and masculine. If you have not smelled the Burberry Brit Cologne for Men before, it is certainly worth testing. On the other hand, if your old bottle ran you, you would not be making a mistake ordering a new one.