Bondi Sands PURE Self Tan Foaming Water: Easy & Even, All-Over Tanner

If you’re anything like one of the people who often came across direct contact with sunlight, you’ve probably had your share of sunburns. Summer seems to be the only time people can get a tan these days, and let’s face it, we all know how dangerous actual tanning can be.

Bondi Sands also has face self-tanners that will give your face a bronzed glow without risking sun damage, making Bondi Sands PURE Self Tan Foaming Water worth it.

Bondi Sands PURE Self Tan Foaming Water is a fantastic product for achieving a subtle glow without ever stepping foot in the sun or lying out in a tanning bed! This non-greasy foam dries quickly and contains no guide color, so it’s not too apparent if you make a mistake. The Bondi Sands PURE Self Tanner Foaming Water also smells good enough to drink; it has a very fresh scent like most Bond Sands products.

Bondi Sands lotions, such as the Bondi Sands PURE Self Tanner Foaming Water, come in a variety of colors and can make you appear like you got a deep bronze tan even if you’ve never been to the beach!

Bondi Sands provides such great results because they go above and beyond to ensure their formulas are safe, effective, fast-drying, streak-free, nourishing to the skin with no risk of darkening tattoos or other sensitive areas on your body like neckline or collarbone. Bondi Sands is available in five different shades to suit any skin tone, and the product has a subtle hint of color guide which means you can see exactly where you are applying it.


Bondi Sands PURE Self Tan Foaming Water is a self-tanning foam that has been formulated for easy application. Bondi sands have always had the reputation of being one of the best and most trusted brands, which means you can trust this product to give you a natural-looking tan without any streaks or patches. This formula also contains antioxidants and skin conditioning ingredients, so your skin will be left feeling smooth and hydrated after just one use.