MILANI Cleansing Cream

MILANI Navigating the skincare aisle can be quite intimidating. The wide array of products is daunting, unsure what to get? Or, are you getting the wrong product entirely? I have tried countless brands and styles that don’t work for me. Today, I’m going to share what I believe is one of the best creams.

MILANI is a skincare company that I recently found and instantly became obsessed with its products. They offer cleansers, moisturizers, and many other well-known brands such as Avene, La Roche-Posay, and others. This cream, in particular, is MILANI Cleansing Cream [I will refer to it as such for this blog post].

At first glance at the jar, I was impressed by its texture. Its thick and creamy consistency is something I haven’t seen in a cleanser before. When you open the lid, there is a safety seal that prevents bacteria from entering the product.

The cream has a very light lavender scent, which is pleasant and refreshing. It doesn’t smell like the traditional cream cleansers I have typically used.

The first time I used this product, my skin felt instantly soft and hydrated after rinsing it off. As someone who suffers from dry skin, this was a great feeling. Whenever I use it at night, I immediately feel rejuvenated and ready for bed. The formula doesn’t leave the skin feeling tight, which is a great plus.

For those with sensitive skin, this will be an amazing product as it is very gentle on the face and cleanses simultaneously. This cream won’t strip your skin of its natural oils as other cleansers I have tried will do.

One of my biggest concerns with a face wash is acne. Since I was in middle school, I have struggled with this skin condition and still battle it daily. With the MILANI Cleansing Cream, I didn’t experience any new breakouts or irritation while using it. It’s also great for sensitive skin, so this could be the perfect solution if you find yourself reacting to other products.

Since discovering this product, I have tried out numerous MILANI skincare items and haven’t been disappointed with their lines thus far! One of the best parts of this brand is its price point. At $14.99 a container and won’t break the bank. Where their competitors, such as Avene and La Roche-Posay, cost well over $50 for similar products, MILANI is a great alternative that provides great results.