Benefits Of Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil is made from the lavender flower. It has many benefits for treating and promoting health in humans and can also be beneficial to animals.

1. Calming

The scent of lavender can calm nerves and help treat anxiety disorders. It may even assist with insomnia by producing tranquilizing effects on the brain. At the same time, it has analgesic properties that provide temporary relief for sore muscles, reduces inflammation in injured or broken skin, tighten gums and muscles, and decrease blood flow in minor wounds.

2. Anti-depressant

It has also been proven to bring about an uplifting mood in those already depressed. This anti-depressant effect is thought to be caused by inhibiting the neurotransmitter GABA uptake, which provides a calming sensation.

3. Cuts and burns

The lavender essential oil has antibacterial properties that fight harmful bacteria that cause infections and help protect against infection, leaving no scars or blemishes behind. It is even effective at relieving symptoms of eczema when mixed with certain lotions or creams to speed up the healing process for sunburns, scrapes, minor cuts and bruises, insect bites, stings from jellyfish, etc.

The lavender essential oil may also treat other inflammatory conditions like hives or dermatitis. Some people rub it on their temples to relieve headaches and even put a few drops in cold tea and drink it for upset stomachs.

4. Prevents and treats bacterial infections

Lavender essential oil is also effective at preventing and treating bacterial infections such as strep throat, mouth sores, urinary tract infections, pneumonia, etc. It can be diluted or undiluted depending on the severity of the infection, so consult with a doctor before using lavender essential oil to treat any condition other than burns or cuts.

In conclusion, the lavender essential oil has many health benefits, making it good for humans and animals.