Makeup – Top Ten Suits

A suit and makeup go hand in hand because both are used to make an impression. A suit is like makeup: it’s a carefully crafted façade that can seem natural or put-together depending on how the different items work together.

Makeup – top ten suits

1. the 1910s – The Flapper

In the 1920s, a new style of a woman emerged. Younger and livelier women, called flappers, took over with their short skirts and long legs. Makeup was more visible in everyday life, with bright red lips being a staple for this carefree group of ladies. Try going bold with your lipstick shade to take inspiration from this time period.

2. the 1920s – The Roaring Twenties

In the 1920s, men became more rebellious with their bright colors and loud patterns. While they could never compete with women in the makeup department, men still wore a heavy amount of white and black to symbolize the formality of this decade. Wear light makeup as your suit to keep the look understated.

3. the 1930s – The Great Gatsby

In the roaring twenties, people wore dark colors and heavy makeup, with red lips being a recurring theme. In this decade, natural faces took over, with women wearing a more subtle look that highlighted their eyes and mouth instead of completely hiding their face under the layers of foundation. Makeup was used to hide flaws instead of completely changing one’s state so go for a natural look with your suit as well.

4. the 1940s – World War II

During WWII, everything took a backseat, with women being told to spend money on war bonds instead of buying new clothes and cosmetics. Women were encouraged to go natural in order to save time, so a lighter application of makeup along with simple hairstyles was the norm.

5. the 1950s – The Housewife

Women in the 1950’s were a symbol of domesticity and stayed home to take care of their children. On top of being housewives, they took on a new role as consumers, with advertisers working hard to sell products that would help women maintain their looks even while busy with work.

6. the 1960s – Flower Power

The 1960s was a time of free love and flower power. Men grew their hair out and wore bright colors, giving off a vibe of youthfulness as they protested against the government. Women also got in on the action with their own twist on beauty as they chopped their hair off and rocked vibrant colors for an ensemble that stood out.

7. the 1970s – Disco Nights

The disco era included men with flashy suits and women wearing lots of makeup to go out at night. This time period is also important for beauty as it was the first time that hair straighteners were widely available for purchase, which gave birth to the iconic curls that are still seen on runways today.

8. the 1980s – The Working Girl

Starting with the chic blonde bob of the ’80s, this decade also brought blue eye shadow into mainstream fashion, which became a huge trend three decades later during the summer of 2012. Women chained together with their pink lipstick with lots of black eyeliner to keep an edge for their new roles as financial moguls.

9. The 1990s – The Girl Next Door

This decade marked the beginning of minimal makeup looks for women due to advances in products that made it unnecessary to pile them on. Women were encouraged to go natural with their makeup instead of having a heavy hand, which was great news if you’re looking for inspiration for your suit ensemble.

10. The 2000s – The Understated Aesthetic

In the early 2000s, fashion went from being flashy to a more understated look, with cream blushes and subtle lip glosses taking over instead of heavy contouring and red lips.

When it comes to your suit, think about what time period you want to channel with your makeup look for inspiration.