Health Benefits Of Collagen

In case you did not know, collagen is the protein with an important role in our health, it is also the protein that is most in our body, which is produced thanks to the action of cells known as fibroblasts. Their main function is to create and maintain all the structures of the tissues that make up our body, in addition to generating resistant, strong, and flexible fibers known as collagen fibers. These fibers help to hold connective tissues such as muscles, tendons, or skin together, providing firmness and elasticity to our skin.

But, beyond this, collagen also acts as a support for the fibers of the dermis, giving consistency, resistance, and flexibility. However, you must bear in mind that if you want to enjoy all the benefits that collagen offers you, it must be of good quality.

Today, thanks to several studies, products with collagen have emerged that are beneficial for the skin and our health in general, remember that from the age of 30, the production of this protein begins to decrease, giving way to the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging such as sagging of the face.

It is for this reason, that in this article, we want to tell you a little more about what are some of the benefits that collagen brings to your skin and your health in general:

-Collagen helps your skin to always stay hydrated and protected at all times against the agents that are found outside, such as the sun, cold, and pollution.

– It helps those people who seek to reduce wrinkles on the face, expression lines, and stretch marks, in addition to delaying and preventing other signs of aging.

– Also, collagen helps to considerably reduce acne marks, thanks to its healing properties.

-Collagen is also known to be a protein that helps heal wounds, thanks to its healing effects.

– Collagen, as we said before, helps to combat the sagging of the face and also cellulite.

– Also, thanks to several studies, it was shown that collagen promotes the health of your heart since collagen helps to structure the arteries, blood vessels that allow the flow of blood that goes from the heart to the whole body.

-Increases muscle mass, since 10% of muscle tissue is made up of collagen, this protein is necessary when looking to increase muscle mass, to also maintain strong muscles and function properly.