About Restaurant Table

A restaurant table is a small table that’s usually located in or near the kitchen of a restaurant. You can find these tables in most high-end restaurants, but smaller establishments might not have them at all. The main purpose of having one of these tables is to give off an impression of more room. If you are planning to host any events with few people, it is always better if you place your guests on tables instead of cramming them together on one long table. This will make your guest feel comfortable and they would be able to socialize freely without stepping over each other’s feet every time they want to take something from their plates.

There are different types of restaurant tables available in the market including;

1. Utility type

This is the simplest form of a restaurant table. All it has are legs, which are usually metal or wooden, and a sheet that is made to look like wood or marble that covers all four sides. If you do not want your guests sitting on these types of tables you should place something under their plates to make them feel comfortable while eating. Or if your goal isn’t to impress your guests but save some cash, but few people on one long table instead of 4-5 persons on each utility type of table.

2. Standard type

This is the kind of table which you will see in most high-end restaurants; 6 square feet in size with rounded edges and four legs, two free ones by the side and two taking their load at the other side.

3. Round type

This is the kind of table that you will come across in small restaurants. These tables are round with a diameter measuring about 3-4 feet and have 4 legs, just like standard restaurant tables. However, there’s one tiny difference between them – none of these standard types of tables has a balance on it while all on this type does. So if you want to make use out of your weighing scale during dinner time, go for a round-shaped table instead of a square-shaped one!

4. Banquet type

As the name suggests, the banquet is a large-sized restaurant table with room enough to seat 8-10 people comfortably. This is an ideal choice for big families or social gatherings where everyone wants to sit by his or her’s plate and eat without having to deal with nagging kids.

5. Wedding type

Just like banquet tables, wedding tables are also large-sized restaurant tables used for putting your guests during any kind of party including weddings and birthdays. They come in two different types; circular and rectangular-shaped ones.

Now that you know what they look like and how many people can sit on each table size, buying one isn’t as difficult as it once was! If you’re looking for a budgeted option, however, go for utility tables available at most departmental stores and swap them for round-shaped one when required so that your guests don’t have to eat off the floor!