Why The TP-Link Extension Cord Will Blow Your Mind!

When you think of a power strip or cord extender, innovation rarely comes to mind. Surely, you can spend a lot on a power strip that has all sorts of protection systems but there is nothing specular about them. The TP-Link HS300 Smart WiFi Power Strip manages to change this perception by making an extension cord with features that you did not even know you need.

As the name states, it is a WiFi smart cord extension. This feature is needed to control several of the other features that the extension cord comes with. The moment you connect the power cord to your home WiFi you gain full control over whatever is plugged into it. Using the mobile app, you can connect to the plug from any location and see the power draw of each device plugged into the gadget. You can have up to 6 devices connected. This feature is useless if you do not have any kind of control over the devices. For this reason, the TP-Link HS300 Smart WiFi Power Strip allows you to shut off the power individually to any of the 6 plugs. You can also enable the plugs completely remote. The software of the device was also designed to automate some of its features. It has a scheduling assistant that allows you to set certain hours at which individual plus are enabled or disabled. You can also automate to shut down individual sockets if devices exceed certain power draw thresholds.

The smart features of the TP-Link HS300 Smart WiFi Power Strip would be worthless without some sort of protection. Fortunately, the power strip has all the bells and whistles to keep the devices connected to it safe from power surges. There are also some quality-of-life features such as 3 USB ports for charging and physical buttons to enable or disable plugs. It is simply packed with so many features that it is probably one of the few extension cords that would be recommendable to anyone.