When To Read Nostalgic Books.

Nostalgic Books are books that remind people of a happy time in their lives. Nostalgic Books are usually read by someone who is going through a rough patch or feeling melancholic. For some, the books they used to enjoy as children have this quality, for others, it can be any book from their past. A reader reads the Nostalgic Books to ‘reminisce about the good old days.

Nostalgic books can be any type of book depending on what the reader enjoys. For example, crime novels might remind a reader of their childhood reading and inspire them to read more as an adult or even pick up a new interest in crime fiction.

When to read Nostalgic books:

If the reader is feeling down and wants to cheer up, they might want to read a Nostalgic book. If the reader is having a bad day, they might want to read a Nostalgic book. If the reader is bored and has nothing better to do, they might want to read a Nostalgic book.

If all three situations apply, it’s probably best for the reader to go about finding/making their own Nostalgic Book (see below) or doing something more useful with their time.

Finding Nostalgic Books:

The reader can either find something on the internet or in a bookstore that they believe might be Nostalgic, read it and see if it makes them feel any better. If the reader already has lots of books on their shelf which are considered to be ‘Nostalgic’, they could go about reading one of them.

Making Nostalgic Books:

The reader can make their own Nostalgic Book by writing down all the books that made them feel nostalgic, then putting this list in order from best to worst (or vice versa) and picking something to read based on where it falls on the list.