What Is Rene Fisher Fashion Design?

The fashion industry is a place that’s swarmed with designers. Although many of them do not get the recognition they deserve, those fashion designers manage to catch the eyes and ears of fashion lovers everywhere. One such fashion designer is Irene Fisher.

Irene Fisher was born in Alabama, where her love for fashion first began. Her parents were both fashion designers, and she grew up seeing them sketching away. That, combined with the many fashion shows in her household from a young age, gave Irene a deep passion for fashion.

Irene Fisher is a holistic fashion brand that specializes in making updated classics. The fashion line was founded by Irene Fisher and her daughter, Alice Fisher. The mother-daughter team first started as a fashion design company but has since expanded into other fashion accessories such as handbags and shoes.

The fashion line is known for its fashion staples that can be worn throughout the season. Irene Fisher is said to release fashion items only once per year because of its fashion-forward designs. Fans of fashion are often found rushing new fashion releases by Irene Fisher for this sole reason.

The fashion line is also known for using recycled materials in its fashion pieces. For example, the fashion label has been known to use recycled cotton, reused silk and repurposed wool.

The fashion line is best known for its high fashion usage of pops of color on the runway. However, more muted colors are often seen on the fashion label’s Instagram feed.

Irene Fisher has no formal fashion education, but instead, her fashion sense is said to be innate. She got her start in fashion through sewing fashion outfits for friends and family members.

Her daughter, Alice Fisher, used to work at the fashion design company called Xanax. According to the fashion line’s Instagram account, she quit her job there once she heard about Irene’s fashion dreams.

Today, Alice Howard is in charge of business development for a fashion label. Additionally, she is mainly in charge of fashion labels’ marketing efforts, including running both the fashion line’s Instagram and Pinterest accounts.