What Hair Shampoo Is Right For Me Now That I Have Hit 50?

As we age, it is not only the color of our hair that changes. The skin on our scalps undergoes changes as well. Most of us, expect to carry on using the same shampoo for the rest of our life. However, the truth is that we should review our haircare and skincare routine when we hit 50.

Here are three top hair shampoo tips for the over 50’s.

Buy A Quality Shampoo

When you were younger, you probably got away with using cheap hair shampoo. As you age, it is likely that you will notice a few changes.

Many people over 50 say their scalps become less “tolerant” to poor-quality hair shampoos. If you notice itching or flakiness, it is best to find the right shampoo for your personal needs.

Is There Such a Thing As A Best Hair Shampoo?

It is hard to say what is the best hair shampoo at any age. If you wash your hair a lot when you are younger, you will need a milder shampoo.

As you age, you may notice a few scalp skin irritations. If so, it is even more important that you keep an eye on what hair shampoo is right for you. For instance, if you do notice that you are suffering from a dry scalp or dry skin condition in general, you should choose a paraben-free hair shampoo.

Parabens are petrochemical-based particles that stay on your scalp. In a worst-case scenario, they can dry out your scalp and lead to skin irritations.

Do You Have Lack Lustre Hair?

If you do find that your hair color is going darker or looking a bit lack luster, you should consider coloring your hair.

One word of warning springs to mind. When you color your hair when you are older, you should avoid using a coloring system containing ammonia. This is a chemical that can cause skin irritations and we seem to be more sensitive to it when we are older.

Ask your hairdresser for the best hair shampoo for colored hair in your age group. She should hopefully point you in the right direction.

In Conclusion

We need to look after our hair and scalp. Using the right hair shampoo for your age group goes a long way towards doing so.