Ways To Wear Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans have become one of the favorite garments of many people around the world, this is due to their material, which in addition to being resistant, is also very versatile. There are a wide variety of styles, sizes, cuts, and even colors. But if what you are looking for is to achieve a balanced look, here we show you a few ideas to take into account for your next outfits of the week:

High cut skinny jeans

In addition to being avant-garde in style, they have become the obsession of all celebrities. These types of high-cut pants will shape your waist and keep your entire body in place. They are phenomenal!

With asymmetric garments

A good idea is to use them with blazers with rigid textures, these help your torso look more balanced. By using this type of clothing that reaches below your hip so that the torso is not shortened and your figure looks more stylized.

With Oversize Shirts

These shirts are ideal to wear with skinny jeans. At the top, you will wear light and avant-garde garments, while at the bottom you will have skinny jeans that highlight your sensuality more.


This type of combination with pants of this design will make you look sophisticated and very fashionable. You can complement it with flats or sneakers and achieve a casual look or something more elegant.

With peplum blouses

This type of cut increases the size of the hips of those who are slim. While for girls with more curves, it allows the volume to resemble that of their legs, giving an effect of a smaller size. They are perfect because it suits any type of body.

With an oversized sweater

Skinny pants have the objective of making your body look slimmer, that is why you should try to highlight the upper part of the body. A good option is to wear an oversize sweater or a thick fabric material, this will make the viewer focus on the looseness of the piece and at the same time, it will give prominence to your face.

High heels

A good pair of heels always helps to stylize your figure, that is why they are the favorites of many women. These types of pants need to be combined with types of garments and accessories that lengthen and stylize the figure and also balance it. That is why any type of heels you choose is perfect for them.