Tips For Wearing Pencil Skirts

This is one of the skirts preferred by girls who work in offices, and it makes women look super feminine and sophisticated. But the pencil skirt does not favor everyone. Even if you don’t get discouraged, there are some tricks that you can apply to be able to use them without problems.

If you are certain that your body type does not favor skirts with this type of cut and you still want to wear them, we leave you some tricks that you should keep in mind.

If you are short, look for skirts that are not too long, preferably not past your knees or just above them. Pay attention that it is tight to the body to be able to mark your silhouette.

If you don’t have long legs always try to use them combined with high heels. If they are stilettos or sandals better, but as long as the skin of your feet shows so as not to shorten your legs.

With shoes in nude tones, you make your legs look longer than they are. You can also choose pencil skirts in these light colors, they also give you the same effect.

If you have voluptuous hips, go for pencil skirts, which are straight from your waist to the hem. Since your silhouette will shape it as if you were wearing a pencil skirt.

Do not complement with garments that are long at the level of the torso, because you will be shortening your silhouette more.

If what you want is to adjust your silhouette, the skirt must be of good quality so that the fabric can contain your legs and give them shape.

Be careful with the fabric, you should make sure that your legs and your underwear are not transparent.

Do not forget that these skirts are not ideal for long journeys. Since it is difficult for you to get on the transport, walks, dance, etc. It is a skirt that will only make you look sophisticated, with a lot of elegance and distinction.