The Three Drone Shooting Methods

Drones are often used for killing people, but they can also be used to kill drones. They are far more advanced than missile-equipped planes or helicopters. The method of destroying unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is called drone shooting.

Three methods to shoot down a drone.

Drone shooting 1: Use security tools to deal with drones after detection. There are many tools that can detect and track UAVs remotely, such as an RF detector, an infrared detector, wifi detector, direction finder, etc… When you found there is an intruder in the house, just use “RF signal jammer” or “wifi jammer” which can block both 2.4Ghz and 5GHz frequencies. That will send the signal to the drone that there is a jammer nearby, then you can take your time to destroy it.

A person should use a thick blanket to make sure no signals are getting through the roof before using the jammer.

Drone shooting 2: Use JAMR

Drone shooting 2: Use JAMR (jamming antenna). “JAMR” stands for Jamming Antenna Multi-Radiation. It is designed by using electromagnetic multi-beam interference technology which can greatly reduce the interference effect for small drones because of its high-frequency transmitting power. Thus, it enables devices having low receiving sensitivity, such as handheld jammers, to kill UAVs effectively and safely without using high power.

The jamming antenna has a base frequency of 5.8GHz, with 30 bands that can kill most UAVs.

Drone shooting 3: Use Air Defender to shoot drones down. The latest technology that propels JAMR into another level is about to arrive – Drone Defender. It cannot only destroy IEDs, but it can also shoot down drones in large areas! Additionally, this product uses a radar wave-type jammer, so it does not need a line of sight like other jammers do. This will give you more freedom when using this product!!!