The Piggy Paint Ghouls Nail Polish Reviews

Halloween is just around the corner, and Ghouls come out from their graves to roam the Earth once a year for this spooky holiday. Casper Van Dien hit up Piggy Paint’s nail salon in Los Angeles’ Beverly Center, where he got a manicure with Halloween colors – including Ghouls Nail Polish! He walked away with his nails looking sharp – check out his nails now!

The advantages of Halloween Nail Polish are that they are meant to last longer, but not forever. If you want your Ghouls Nail Polish to stay bright and cheery during Halloween night, here are some tips!

– Apply a clear base coat before applying color.

– Use two thin coats of polish instead of one thick coat. This helps the polish dry faster and prevents chipping.

– Hold an ice cube or cold water over nails for 20 seconds after polishing them (This is what manicurists do in salons). It will speed up the drying process and add extra shine!

Why people like Ghouls Nail Polish is that they are Halloween colors — their more popular shades include green, purple, blue, orange, and red! Using these colors during the Halloween season makes your nails look like they’re crawling with Ghouls.

Ghouls Nail Polish was founded two years ago by a girl named Georgia. Georgia came up with all of her polishes herself – a great way to be creative and express yourself! She puts a lot of love into creating every color, which is why her name makes sense – Georgia without an ‘e’ means ‘to love’.

Georgia started out as a nail assistant at one of NYC’s best salons. In only six months she became an expert manicurist who commanded attention from clients because of her attention to detail and spot-on polishing skills. She also became an expert when it came to removing glitter, shellac, and long-lasting nail colors.

Georgia decided that she would share the secrets of her trade with other girls who love their nails just as much as she does! So, she created Ghouls Nail Polish – all by herself, without any help from investors or mentors!

“When I’m not busy being a manicurist or creating new polishes for my company, I surround myself with things that are green”, says Georgia. “I have plants in my apartment and at work.”

Ghouls Nail Polish is definitely more than just your average brand – they have over 150 different shades of polish!