The Men, naked Socks Reviews

Men’s socks are among the things that annoy me the most. There is no logic fashion-wise why a man would wear them, other than to hide a certain part of their anatomy.

First thing, they are so ugly and uncomfortable I can not imagine why someone will choose to spend a penny on them! Sure, you have got to have some but women have an infinite amount of shoes while men have just shoes or socks? Are we going backward in time here?

I know they protect our feet from debris and the terrain but it really looks ridiculous when I see guys wearing them! So please guys stop it!!!

Secondly, what do they want these big holes for anyway? They say it’s so your foot doesn’t suffocate inside tight socks -ok, your foot is inside your shoe so that argument holds no water. So why then?

And to top it off, they have got no sense of colors or patterns at all!!! I’ve never seen a guy wearing a nice design-patterned pair! It’s always stripes, maybe a small flower -which looks tacky on men’s socks- and the color is usually black or white so not very creative either.

Okay, I can take their point about preventing blisters but come on if you wear them with shoes that fit properly you won’t get any blisters to begin with! If you forget to wear them tell your mommy to put some lotion on her hands and apply it to you

In all honesty, I feel like it’s my duty to teach you guys about fashion, style, and colors. So come on! let’s make the world a better place one step at a time…

Take this very simple test: If you can’t see your toes without bending down then that means that your socks are too long for your shoes. You need to cut off some inches or fold them up so that they don’t show under the shoe. It looks incredibly silly with big black socks sticking out of brown loafers even though I’ve seen it with lots of guys!