The Main Features Smart Glasses

Smart glasses are a new type of wearable device that can help you to increase your productivity and efficiency when working on a computer or mobile phone. They provide you with instant access to information, such as contacts, calendar events, weather reports, etc. The main features of these devices include:

– A high-quality display (HD screen)

If you think about it, you will realize how important is to have an HD screen in your smart glasses. You need to be able to see everything clearly, so you don’t have to squint your eyes while reading text messages, emails, documents, presentations, etc.

– High-resolution camera

You may not know this but there are several types of cameras available for smartphones nowadays. Some of them even have a very good quality camera. However, if you want to take pictures with your smart glasses, they must have a high-resolution camera. This way, you can capture images, videos, and other data from any angle without losing detail.

– Built-in Bluetooth technology

You probably already use Bluetooth technology in your smartphone. It allows you to connect your smartphone to different devices. For example, you can pair it with your headphones or speakers. In addition, you can also use it to control some functions of your smartphone. With Bluetooth technology, you can easily share files between your smartphone and your smart glasses.

– Integrated battery

Indeed, most of us don’t like carrying around heavy batteries. That’s why we prefer using rechargeable batteries instead. But, what happens if your battery dies? If you’re wearing smart glasses, you’ll need to charge them every day. Fortunately, integrated batteries make things easier for you.

– Voice recognition software

Voice recognition software is becoming more popular lately. It helps you to interact with your smartphone by simply talking to it. You just say “OK Google” and ask your smartphone to perform certain tasks. For example, you could tell your smartphone to play music, read aloud something, search for a specific website, etc.

– Gesture controls

Gestures are another feature that makes life easier for people who wear smart glasses. You can use gestures to navigate through your smartphone. For instance, you could swipe up to go back one page, down to go forward, left to open a menu, right to close a menu, etc.

– Wireless charging

Wireless charging is a great advantage because it doesn’t require cables. As soon as you put your smart glasses on, they start charging automatically. When they reach 100%, you can remove them from your ears and continue doing whatever you were doing before.