The Evolution Of Apple Tablet

Technology has come a long way since Apple’s inception. Apple continues to push the boundaries of technology and innovation with its latest patent set to be released in 2020. Apple will start assembling their cutting-edge drug administration systems, including a tablet computer and an intravenous drip, within Apple Stores by 2020. This system would include sensors that detect if patients are taking their medication on time, and the information would then be viewed through Apple’s tablet computer. Apple envisions this system being used for all sorts of medications taken via pills or intravenously, not just for required drugs like insulin.

Apple also recently received patents for other medical devices, including heart rate monitoring earphones, an EKG watch band, hearing aids that work in unison with Apple products, Apple-powered blood sugar monitor, Apple contact lens for measuring glucose levels in tears, Apple smart bandages, Apple pill camera and more.

The Apple tablet computer would be able to track vital signs, which would then help medical professionals determine if the dosage of medication is correct or not. It will also alert nurses if patients have taken their medicine on time. Apple states that their system would have alerts similar to how Facebook sends notifications when someone tags you in a post or comments on one of your photos. Apple’s patent mentions that an alert might tell the doctor, “Good Morning! You have just been tagged by Patient X”.

The Apple intravenous drip will include sensors made out of organic diodes, which are integrated onto a flexible substrate. Apple believes that this is a more efficient way to administer medications than traditional methods such as injections and pills because it will cut down on the time nurses spend administering medication and can be performed by anyone who receives training for Apple’s system.

Apple has also filed patents on other medical devices such as Apple HeartGuide, Apple Wireless Headphones, Apple EKG Band, Apple Glucose Monitor Patch, and Apple Blood Sugar Monitoring Earphones. Apple plans to revolutionize the healthcare industry by 2020 with its cutting-edge new technology.