Role Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science studying how to make a machine behave like a human being. It is a broad area encompassing several techniques ranging from speech recognition to automated reasoning. The following are some of the roles of artificial intelligence:


The world of cars, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles is also one where AI will become increasingly prevalent. Considering how many people die on roads every year, the idea of using AI to make these vehicles safer is one that many people will welcome with open arms.


AI looks like it could be used in the future of medicine far more than it currently is. The Human Genome Project has already had massive success in sequencing human DNA more quickly and cheaply than ever before – and AI is set to take this even further. Many scientists are hopeful that, one day, they will be able to use AI to analyze DNA and help treat diseases like cancer with innovative new methods.


It’s no secret that weather forecasting can be quite an inexact science – leading to deaths all around the world. By using AI, meteorologists might be able to make weather forecasting far more accurate.


According to many experts in artificial intelligence, search engines are considered to be one of the most significant areas where they can be used. Google currently uses AI in its search engine, but search engines are becoming essential tools we use daily.


One sector where artificial intelligence is already quite prevalent is banking – particularly online banking. This can be seen through features like voice recognition, facial recognition, and even biometric authorization. It’s predicted that this area will continue to grow in the future.


The defense sector is rife with potential for artificial intelligence – with robots and autonomous weapons already in use in some armies and increasing numbers of countries looking to recruit AI soldiers in the future. China, Russia, the US, and South Korea are all considered significant players in this field.


Computer hackers and criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated – and artificial intelligence could help to combat this. An article from Wired states that AI is likely to be used for “preventing theft, helping with forensics, identifying new malware faster, and stopping existing threats more quickly.”