Powerbanks: The Next Generation Of Battery Chargers

Since the dawn of the smartphone, era cellphones have become power-hungry due to the wide range of features that the phone is equipped such as applications, internet connectivity, multimedia, and entertainment software that can quickly drain the phone’s battery. Most smartphones only last for a day with moderate usage unlike the old phones which can last a week without having any single charge but today you will always have to bring your charger in case the battery runs out because everyone has been using their smartphones to browse in social media, watch videos and play music. Smartphone developers have equipped their phones with the highest milli ampere-hour but due to heavy usage of users is still not enough which is power banks have been invented.

Powerbanks are the solution to the rapid depletion of smartphone batteries because they can charge the phone anywhere making it simple and efficient to use. Most power banks have been equipped with higher milli ampere-hour capable of fully charging the phone for at least 3x without having it to be plugged into an electric socket. They are so versatile because they can charge any time of smartphone because they have different kinds of ports from the micro USB, type C, and even thunderbolt ports making ti capable to charge both Android and IOS smartphones. Some power banks can even charge a laptop for making them perfect for outdoor use. Powerbanks can be charged via an electric outlet or solar-powered allowing them to be full capacity mostly power banks capacity ranges from 10000 to 300000 million ampere-hour enough to keep your phone fully charged for at least two days.

Powerbanks are not just limited to smartphones they can also charge handheld gaming consoles such as a Nintendo Switch and PS Vita, even small electrical gadgets that have a USB port can be powered by a Powerbank. The Powerbank is a versatile and essential tool for an on-the-go person that relies heavily on his/her smartphone, tablet, or laptop.