LED Surround Light Glamour Vanity Mirror

Unlike before, where one had to invest in hundreds or thousands of money to build a vanity mirror with lights, now vanity mirrors are being sold equipped with lights. Such vanity mirrors are referred to as the LED surround light glamour vanity mirror. They have LED light means that they are easy to control in terms of brightness, and the lighting is safe for the eye. How do you choose the best-LED surround light glamour vanity mirror?

Here is a quick guide on choosing the best-LED surround light glamour vanity mirror.

* The size

This is an obvious thing that one needs to consider when choosing a vanity mirror with lighting. However, the choice will depend on the space in your dressing area. So, you must measure the room where you plan to install the mirror and use those measurements to shop. A good LED surrounds light glamour vanity mirror should be large enough to fit in the space and provide good lighting all around your area.

* The lumens

No matter the size of the vanity mirror with LED lights you choose, it would be of no use if it does not have enough illumination. Still, you don’t need a mirror that is too bright such that the lighting will blur your vision. As much as most LED vanity lights are adjustable in terms of illumination, choose a model with enough lighting, and again that is not too harsh to your eyes.

* Adjustable

You will be using your vanity mirror at different day intervals; hence, choose a model that you can easily regulate the lighting. Keep in mind that a good LED surrounds light glamour vanity mirror should have a dimming mode in case you have natural lighting in the room.


LED surround light glamour vanity mirrors are the best for makeup and general dressing areas decor. These mirrors come with different features to accommodate other users. However, use our buying guide to ensure the mirror you choose has the right parts.