Kinston Steel Hall Tree Is Well Designed And Durable

Homeowners often find that during rainfall or snowfall visitors to the house, can muddy the entire room. Hence they are looking for suitable furniture for their foyer or mudroom where they can place their wet coat, footwear, bags, and other items conveniently, before entering the house. The Kinston Steel Hall Tree is compact, durable, and sturdy, specially designed for small apartments, homes with a narrow entryway. Some of the features of the hall tree are described in detail for those who are considering purchasing this hall tree.

The metal used for constructing the mainframe of the hall tree is finished baked metal for greater durability and strength. It is also rust-resistant. The wooden part of the hall tree is produced from manufactured wood. The compact hall tree is 33 cm deep, 72.5 cm, and 184.5 cm in height, so it can be used for storing multiple items without taking up more valuable floor space. To prevent the hall tree from tipping over, especially when heavy items are placed on it, it has a device for restraining tip over. The paint has been intentionally scraped off to give the hall tree a distressed look.

One of the reasons why the hall tree is popular is because it is multi-functional furniture combining hooks, shelves, and a bench for changing shoes. The hall tree has 9 metal hooks that are movable. The position of the hooks can be changed by sliding them, and they can also be fixed at a particular position. Each hook is designed to carry a weight of 1 kg and can be used for keys, coats, hats, and dog leashes. Two storage shelves are provided for the storage of shoes and other items. There is also a bench provided where users can conveniently sit while changing their shoes. The bench is designed for a capacity of 125 kg.