Kingston DataTraveler Exodia: The Best Budget Flash Drive

Normally, there is not much to be said about a flash drive. It has some space on it and you store data. The Kingston 128GB DataTraveler Exodia Flash Drive is one such example of a USB drive that does not seem to stand out in any way. However, it may just be the ideal drive if you are a casual user that needs a convenient means to store and move files from one computer to another once in a while.

The first thing that you should look at is the capacity and the price you are paying per gigabyte. For 128GB, you do not pay a lot. This makes it an affordable drive and an easy way to have a compact USB drive with a large capacity. The drive can be used as a boot device but having a large capacity is a great bonus as you can create additional folders to store data while still using it as a boot drive. Due to its large capacity, the drive itself is anything but compact. It is quite large but small enough to carry in a pocket. Usually, the smaller the size of a flash drive and the larger the capacity, the higher the price per gigabyte is.

In terms of transfer rates, the Kingston 128GB DataTraveler Exodia Flash Drive will not impress exigent users. It can achieve around 80 mb/s in real-life tests which should be enough for most users. It may not be enough for the ones that need to transfer extremely large files. Such transfers will prove to be exhaustingly slow. For smaller files such as small videos and photos, the DataTraveler is more than enough.

Lastly, the Kingston 128GB DataTraveler Exodia Flash Drive is a compelling purchase because of its low price tag. Other similar drives with the same performance but wearing different branding are much more expensive. You can even pay twice the price of a DataTraveler on a drive with the same transfer rates and capacity just because it is wearing a different manufacturer name.