If Your System PC Is Not Working Properly, Here Are 5 Ways To Diagnose

System PC is something that everyone experiences at least once in their lives. If you’re having problems with your computer, it could be for a number of reasons. The only way to know what the problem is is to turn it off and try turning it on again.

If your System PC is not working properly, here are 5 ways to diagnose the problem.

1. Hardware failure

This is by far the most common problem with System PC. If your hardware, i.e., keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc., start to act up, try reconnecting them one by one until you find which part is causing the problems. Also, make sure that all of these parts are connected properly. For example, if your monitor is not plugged in, it will not work.

2. Software failure

If your System PC starts to act up while using a certain program or application, this could be because of that specific software. To check whether the problem is with the software or hardware, you can try using your System PC in safe mode (we’ll get to that later).

3. Virus or malware

This type of problem is more common than you think, but it usually has the same symptoms as hardware and software failure. Once again, the best way to diagnose whether it’s a virus or not is by turning your system on in safe mode.

4. Corrupt or missing files

First, make sure your System PC is in safe mode. If it’s not working there either, then the problem may lie with one of the critical system files that got corrupted or deleted by a virus or malware program. This, in turn, could be a result of a virus or malware attack.

5. Temperature

This doesn’t happen very often, but you should check to make sure that your System PC isn’t overheating. To do this, simply open the task manager by pressing CTRL+Shift+Escape, click the Processes tab and sort all of the processes according to the CPU Usage column (click on a CPU column header to sort by CPU usage). If any programs take up more than 50% of your CPU power, this could cause overheating. This problem can be fixed by uninstalling those applications.

In conclusion, even if your System PC isn’t working properly, you can diagnose the problem by turning it on in safe mode. This is done by pressing F8 after system start-up (before Windows starts), but make sure to read your manual for more details.