How To Make Perfect Canvas Photos

Canvas photos are used to describe photos that have been turned into wall art, such as paintings or posters. You can customize your canvas photo by choosing the size and orientation of your final product and deciding which parts of the photo should be emphasized. Whether you take a picture with your camera phone or upload one from your computer, we’ll show you how to turn it into a canvas photo.

1: Choose Your Image & Get Ready to Print

Find a photo that you want to turn into a canvas print. Choose one without any faces if your image contains people since these can be hard to crop out of the final piece.

2: Go High-Res

If you don’t have a large version of your photo, go to a website like Flickr and look for the largest size option under “All sizes.” Make sure it’s set to at least 300 px/inch so that your canvases print as clearly as possible. This is also where you should look if several versions of the same image are available on the site.

3: Decide What Size & Orientation You Want to Print

To determine what size you want to print, consider how you plan to display your finished product. If it will be on the floor or hanging from the ceiling, choose an orientation accordingly. Once you’ve decided on the dimensions for your canvas photo, go back to Flickr and right-click View all sizes. Choose Open link in a new tab so that both tabs are open side by side. Right-click your image again and select Copy Image URL.

4: Choose Your Product & Prepare to Have It Printed

Next, choose your product type and size. We’re choosing a 16″ x 20″ canvas print in a horizontal orientation for this demonstration. Upload your photo when you’ve made your final selection, then use the cropping tool on Canvas4Life’s website to eliminate any unwanted portions of the image with an X-Acto knife or other cutting tool.

5: Hang Your Final Product

Now that you have the perfect canvas print hanging on your wall take a step back and admire your work.

6: Optional Bonus Tip

If your main goal is to create the perfect canvas photo, you have to look at all the elements that make up the photo itself. These include which camera you use, how it’s held, the lighting around you, and what kind of surface you place your subject on. It can be helpful to photograph. Your subject with an SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera or webcam has adjustable settings for light sensitivity or white balance; these can then be adjusted in post-production with computer software like Adobe Photoshop Elements.

In conclusion, to make perfect canvas photos, take high-resolution pictures and choose the right size for your final product. You can have it printed on various products–including canvases–and then hang it anywhere.