How Do You Choose The Right Scrunchies With Zipper Pockets

Scrunchies with Zipper Pockets perfect accessory for your little one’s summer wardrobe! They can be worn as a hair tie, headband, or even as a hat. The scrunchies have zippers on both ends which make them easy to put on and take off. You can also use the scrunchies as a fashion statement by wearing them in different ways. How do you choose the right scrunchies with zipper pockets:

– Check if they are of good quality.

In case you don’t know how to sew, we suggest that you go to a local fabric store and ask for help. If you want to learn more about sewing, check out our tutorial on how to sew a buttonhole. Most important is that the material should not feel stiff when you touch it. It should be soft enough so that it won’t hurt your baby’s skin.

– Make sure that there are no sharp edges.

If you are going to wear this type of scrunchies with a zipper pocket on your child’s head, try to avoid any sharp edges. Sharp objects can cause cuts and scrapes. For example, if your child has long hair, you may need to cut some pieces of hair to fit the size of the scrunchies.

– Choose a color that matches your child’s outfit.

The best way to match colors is to look at the same color from different angles. Try to find an angle where the light hits the object from above or below. This will give you a better idea of what the actual color looks like.

– Avoid using too many colors.

It might seem tempting to add lots of colorful accessories to your child’s outfit, but it could distract him/her from looking at his/her clothes. Instead, stick to just one main color.

– Do not use glittery items.

Glittery items can irritate your child’s eyes. If you think that glitter would look nice on your child’s outfit, then you should probably skip it. However, if you love glitter, you can always apply it yourself after the fact.