Fragrance Ball 3 Piece Set

Made of 100% eco-friendly material, the Fragrance ball 3 piece set is a novel product that can purify your living space by neutralizing odors. It does so with the help of an integrated fan and ionizer. As it has no filters, maintenance is simple and can be done in seconds.

You can freshen the air in small to mid-sized rooms. It is especially effective in bathrooms, kitchens, and pet areas.

It can be powered via USB or three alkaline AA batteries (not included). If you want to use the ionizer on the go, switch to USB power.

Designed by air-purifying experts RenPure, this attractive accessory will improve the air quality in your space.

Who would have thought it could get so much for so little? This deal is great because you are getting three different fragrances in one package, all the same size. Each scent comes with a necklace. I know what you’re thinking – how can these aromas come in an equally adorable necklace? Well, you better believe it. Each scent is in the shape of the perfume bottle and has a different color depending on which scent you prefer.

ODOR DESCRIPTION: The top two scents are tropical, but I smell watermelon more. This smells like something that would be sold at Bath and Body Works or Yankee Candle.

The Fragrance ball 3 piece set is a product available for purchase online and in retail locations such as Bath and Bodyworks or Target. This product comes with three pieces: an orange-colored oil cartridge that goes into the fragrance ball, a purple fragrance oil bottle with a screw-off cap, and the actual white and black colored fragrance ball itself.

The product is intended for indoor use, such as in a living room or bedroom. The product description online states, “A delightful way to scent your home.”

The fragrances set can be used in various ways, such as candles, air fresheners, and potpourri. The fragrances include apple cinnamon, pomegranate pear, and orange spice. You can use it alone or mix the fragrances to create your unique scent.