Estee Lauder The Essence – The One Skin Product You Must Have

Estee Lauder the Essence is a revolution when it comes to skincare. It is one of the few products that will help both young and mature ladies to finally achieve glowing skin. As a cosmetics brand, Estee Lauder has always been the first to innovate and come up with new products that have changed the way we look at skincare.

In many ways, Micro Essence is a quantum leap forward as far as looking after your skin is concerned. When you are looking for fast and long lasting results, this is the right product for you. Although a very dynamic skin product, it is still gentle. It stimulates your skin’s natural behaviour and changes it from the inside out.

If you have so far not been able to find a product that has rebalanced your skin, Micro Essence is the right one for you. Unlike other products, the Essence goes to work quickly and penetrates deep into the skin. The results are seen within 4 weeks but many women claim they notice results much faster.

Can I use it under my foundation? As it is a none greasy product, you can easily use it under your foundation. Apply it after your normal skincare routine and then add your foundation. Unlike many other skincare options available, it does not stay on the surface of the skin. Once you have applied it, you will feel the difference. Your skin will feel more elastic and smooth.

Is Estee Lauder the Essence fragrance-free? Yes, it is fragrance free. If your skin is sensitive to fragranced products, you don’t have anything to worry about. Another advantage is that it will not clog your pores or feel heavy.

Who is the Essence from Estee Lauder right for? Thanks to its unique properties, it is right for any age group and all women that like to look after their skin.

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