Briana Single Bathroom Vanity Set

Briana’s single bathroom vanity set is a contemporary styled single bathroom vanity set. It is available in an off-white finish and is made from Chinese solid wood with grey undertones. The interior of This cabinet features a plethora of storage space to easily fit all your necessities for a perfect getaway or relaxing time in the private zone of your own home. The cabinet has two large doors, to provide easy access to storage and two sides open shelves, which are perfect for storing your perfumes or other items. The right side also features a pull-out tray, great for putting away things like hairspray and other smaller toiletries.

Briana’s single bathroom vanity set is featuring modern double white ceramic sinks and stylish chrome hardware with a brushed nickel finish. The matching mirror completes the look of this contemporary bathroom vanity set. It has a universal design, which makes it perfect for most decors.


1. The vanity is made of high-quality wood, which makes it durable and provides a natural look to the bathroom.

2. The off-white color goes perfectly with most decors and can help you create a cozy atmosphere in your private zone.

3. It has two large doors, two sides open shelves, and a pull-out tray – enough storage space to keep everything you need.

4. The matching mirror is a perfect addition and its modern design will complement the vanity set.

5. Two double white ceramic sinks come included, which are stylish and durable at the same time.

6. Chrome hardware with brushed nickel finish provides an extra touch of elegance and style and matches perfectly with the vanity set.


1. The cabinet doors are not self-closing, which can be an inconvenience for some customers.

2. Some customer has complained that the back of the mirror is not sturdy enough and it could fall off when mounted to the wall.

3. Customer has mentioned that the faucets are not included with the vanity set.


Briana’s single bathroom vanity set is a high-quality cabinet that provides enough storage space and looks great too. It is available at an affordable price and some customers recommend purchasing it on sale if possible, as this way you can save some money. A self-closing door mechanism would have been a great addition, but this is only a minor inconvenience. Some customers have also stated that the faucets are not included with the set, so you will have to purchase them separately if needed.