Best Bedroom Aromatherapy


Bedroom aromatherapy changes the mood. It diffuses certain energy that stimulus our brain to promote calmness and relaxation. Studies show that certain fragrances can wake you up, help you focus, and calm your spirit.

Most of the bedroom aromatherapy that is available to the market, disperse scent around your bedroom or your house without adding any nasty toxins or particles into the air, some even have an adding sound or light for a complete multi-sensory effect.

I love the way bedroom aromatherapy, transforms your room into a spa, its welcoming signature makes my home serene. Different scents of essential oils help spread that therapeutic aroma through my home. Whether the essential oil is diluted through water, heat, or electricity, it disperses a fine and breathable mist.

My favorite scents are rose, peppermint, orange, tea tree, lemon, lavender, and eucalyptus. I use it in several ways. You can add it into your lotion, use it as carrier oils and apply them topically. You can also put a drop or two into your liquid soap, toothpaste, or mouthwash. You can apply it directly to some area of your body that needs instant relief. Or like what I l always do, diffuse in the water using a diffuser to humidify your room, or you can spritz the oil into your bath.

No wonder why aromatherapy has been around for thousands of years. Ancient culture in China, India, and Egypt have been used both for physical and psychological benefits, like the following:

* manage pain

* improve sleep quality

* reduce stress, agitation, and anxiety

* soothe sore joints

* treat headaches and migraines

* alleviate side effects of chemotherapy

* ease discomforts of labor

* fight bacteria, virus, or fungus

* improve digestion

* improve hospice

* boost immunity

And also some studies show that aromatherapy to treat a certain health condition, including:

* asthma

* insomnia

* fatigue

* depression

* inflammation

* peripheral neuropathy

* menstrual issues

* alopecia

* cancer

* erectile dysfunction

* arthritis

* menopause

But keep in mind that aromatherapy is not meant to heal you from your physical illness, it is still better to always talk to your doctor before starting any aromatherapy treatment.