About Gaming Peripherals

Gaming Peripherals are produced by many companies who want to expand their market share by sitting on the edge of the Gaming industry. Gamers are also interested in these products not only because they are getting something to use with their game, but also because these products often have a unique design and game-related functions. The following are some gaming peripherals;

1. Move Controller

This controller was first released by Sony as one of the accessories for its video game console, PlayStation 3. It is a motion controller that facilitates players to play games just like playing sports such as tennis or boxing.

2. Wii Remote

Wii remote is a part of the Wii system which allows you to play various types of games easily and intuitively. Since its release in 2006, it has won popularity and praise from gamers and users alike. Not only does it work as a controller, but also you can use it to play games by mimicking various actions such as tennis swings or karate chops.

3. Power Glove

This controller was developed by Mattel for Nintendo in 1989. It features a special glove that is fitted for the palm of your hand. This device can be used to play games through hand movements. In the era it was released, people were fascinated by Power Glove since it allows you to make cool moves and tricks to impress other gamers.

4. Xbox Kinect

The very first version of this controller was released in 2010 and it was made as one of the accessories for Microsoft’s video game console, Xbox 360. It uses a camera to detect your movements and transform them into actions in-game. Today, you can even buy Xbox Kinect 2.0 which is more advanced than its predecessor in many aspects such as speed and technology used.

5. iControlPad

This controller was first created by a small company called Think Geek in 2008. It is compatible with different mobile devices, including iOS and Android. iControlPad has two gamer pads that have their own directional buttons which you can use to play games easily without touching the screen of your phone or tablet.